Wasatch Community Gardens; Fairpark Garden Design, Salt Lake City, UT

Working with the University of Utah, Mark Morris of VODA assisted Wasatch Community Gardens with a systems analysis in 2005. Using mapping and design programs, Mark worked with WCG to understand the populations that were most benefiting from the community gardens, and how a redesign of the Fairpark Garden might improve efficiencies. With four community gardens in Salt Lake City, Wasatch Community Gardens is the city’s largest community garden organization, and also offers workshops to educate home gardeners in how to increase their own food production.

A series of public workshops were held to include community gardeners, local elected and appointed officials, and the general public in determining how the gardens were being utilized.  A door to door survey was also performed around the garden in order to understand how the community garden fit into the local community.
At the conclusion of the project, a public open house was held to report on the findings of the study team.  A redesign of the Fairpark Garden was suggested, with specific design elements recommended by the design team, in order to increase capacity and efficiencies.