University of Utah Heritage Preserve Management Plan; Salt Lake City, UT

Working on a team at CRSA, Mark Morris of VODA created graphics and maps for the University of Utah Heritage Preserve Management Plan. With the Heritage Preserve encompassing many acres of trails and open space in the foothills above the University, the plan was created in order to ensure the longevity of the Preserve, and mitigate areas that had been negatively impacted by human use.

A large portion of the trails throughout the Heritage Preserve were unmaintained, and had severe erosion issues. The Management Plan detailed specific standards to be pursued throughout the Preserve in order that the trail system would be able to accommodate future enjoyment of the area.  Specific erosion control strategies were recommended, including rock and log water bars, and check dams.

A key element of the plan was crafting a document that could be implemented by the University, using limited resources. Trails and  improvements were prioritized in order to ensure that the areas in the most need of mitigation were addressed as soon as possible.