Nibley Utah General Plan; Nibley, UT

Working on a team at CRSA, VODA has worked with Nibley City staff and elected officials on two projects. In 2008 we were involved in the General Plan Update process for Nibley City.  We facilitated several public meetings, hearings, and input sessions. The team collected information from the Nibley City Planning Commission, City Council, and the general public.


Rexburg, Idaho Comprehensive Plan; Rexburg, ID

Working on a team at CRSA, Mark Morris of VODA worked with officials in Rexburg, Idaho to update their Comprehensive Plan document.  The team held regular update meetings with local stakeholders, including the city council and planning commission, in order to thoroughly understand the major issues that the city is facing.  The new document will aid local leaders in guiding growth and development in appropriate areas and in appropriate forms.


Magna Public Library; Magna, UT

VODA staff worked with the architecture team at CRSA to craft site plan options for the new Magna Branch of the Salt Lake County Library.  Several options were explored, and more refined landscape options were developed to assist the client in seeing the possibilities for public interface at the library entrance. With a prime location[…]