Nibley Utah General Plan; Nibley, UT

Working on a team at CRSA, VODA has worked with Nibley City staff and elected officials on two projects. In 2008 we were involved in the General Plan Update process for Nibley City.  We facilitated several public meetings, hearings, and input sessions. The team collected information from the Nibley City Planning Commission, City Council, and the general public.

A small stakeholder group directly the update process, and provided input on the document on a regular basis.  During the process the team also designed a conceptual plan for a new Town Center for the city, along 3200 South. New land use plans updated the proposed land uses along both Highway 165 and Highway 89/91 in order to encourage the kind of uses the city wished to see along these corridors.
In 2009 we also assisted Nibley City in creating new Commercial and Institutional Design Standards. These standards were developed with the input of both the Planning Commission and City Council, and adopted successfully in 2009.  Several meetings were held directly with the City Council, and weekly progress reports were provided the Nibley City Planner. Of particular interest for the process was the way that commercial development along the Hwy 89/91 corridor would create “sense of place” for Nibley.