Amaranth Parks and Open Space, Scottsdale, AZ

As part of the design of the Amaranth New Community, Design Workshop was retained to design the parks and open space system that will tie the community together. The sytem is distributed througout the entire community, with everyone in the diverse population having proximity to trails, open space and parks of various sizes.
Included in the open space are a variety of types of facilities from preserved open space lands to a large 29.5 acre soccer complex.
In addition to providing adequate opportunity for residents to be outside, recreate and join together as a community, the system is also very sustainable. Native or natively adapted plants were used to conserve water use, and the stormwater runoff is contained within the parks system to allow the water to percoalte into the groundwater and be filtered naturally.
The entire system works together as a whole, providing the residents a unique and beautiful place to live.
Previous project experience of Melanie Schmidt (Voda) while working for Design Workshop