Cache Logan Airport Master Plan; Logan, UT

VODA worked on a team led by CRSA to craft a master land use plan for the Cache Logan Airport area.  Involving all adjacent communities, the master land use plan was created to ensure that future development along the two major corridors adjacent to the airport was compatible with the continued operations of the airport. GIS and other mapping software was used to analyze environmental and developmental constraints to development in the study area.

The team developed a new street grid for the area, in keeping with the development standards of Logan City, and had on-going communications with the cities of Hyde Park and Smithfield to ensure that the areas of the master plan adjacent to these communities was reflective of their long-term land use plans. VODA was involved in numerous meetings with the public and city staff to ensure that the master plan benefited from community input.  The final product of the Master Plan included a written document, a land use map and street grid, and several renderings, showing how the area would look upon development.