South Salt Lake TOD Study; South Salt Lake City, UT

On a team with Community Studio, VODA was enlisted to create 3D concepts for inclusion in a transit-oriented development study for the city of South Lake Lake. A 3D model was created and revised to illustrate to city officials the potential for growth along key transit routes traversing South Salt Lake.At the intersection of several emerging transit routes, the city of South Salt Lake is a prime location for expansion of transit-oriented development along the Wasatch Front. The existing north/south Sandy TRAX line currently has one station under operation at “Central Point” in South Salt Lake. In 2011 the West Valley TRAX line will open, which intersects the Sandy TRAX line at Central Point. In addition, future plans are being made for a streetcar line from the Central Point station east to the central business district of Sugar House. South Salt Lake is seeking to build on this public investment to spur growth in their city along these transit routes. With revisions to current building regulations, the city is putting in the groundwork to make this type of growth more achievable by private sector developers.