Red Butte Creek Oil Spill Public Input Facilitation; Salt Lake City, UT

In June 2010, a Chevron pipeline running through the foothills above Salt Lake City began leaking raw crude oil into Red Butte Creek. The spill lasted only a few hours, but dumped an estimated 30,000 gallons of oil into a creek running through residential areas, public parks, and natural areas.  VODA was hired by Carbaugh & Associates and the city of Salt Lake to assist in facilitating public meetings that would determine what actions the city could take to prevent future spills, and how to deal with similar accidents in the future.

Over the course of multiple public meetings, a focus group of residents, city employees, and other stakeholders worked with the city appointed ombuds, Robin Carbaugh, to create a document that would outline and prioritize the issues of most concern. The groups focused on environmental impacts, health impacts, economic impacts, and future prevention. Each focus group member was asked to contribute initial questions to guide the process, and through a series of interactive meetings, a document was created that will be used by Salt Lake City to document the community impact of the spill, and help it to guide future policy making.