Future Cities: Helsinki’s Underground Master Plan

Helsinki, Finland has developed the world’s first Underground Master Plan, locating facilities that don’t need to be “seen” in an extensive network of subterranean tunnels. The short video below shows some of the facilities that they’ve found can be efficiently located deep below the city, including coal storage silos, utilities, and even a data center. […]

Landscape as Art: Pierneef

Landscapes have been the subject of art for as long as humans have created it.  Landscape art captures the inspiring vistas of mountains and valleys, the peace of rolling hills and sunny fields, and the awesome power of oceans and thunderstorms. The Rupert Museum in Stellenbosch South Africa has just opened a new exhibition of[…]

Bicycles v. cars

Here’s a short video (via Copenhagenize.com) from Slovenia’s Ljubljana Cyclist’s Network promoting cycling for their city.  The video is all in Slovene, but you’ll understand what Yanez is getting at quite easily–how bikes and cars provide entirely different urban experiences.  Reminds me of great times I had in Ljubljana while on a borrowed bike.

Power of the Plaza

Public plazas have long been the most important spaces for any community. They come in many forms, shapes, and sizes, but all serve the same function: a place for community members to gather. We gather to buy and sell, to meet up with friends, to celebrate, to worship, and to exchange ideas. The best plazas[…]

Color in the Winter Landscape

With the coming of Groundhog Day in the US, the end of winter is approaching.  January and February can often seem to drag on, with cold and stormy weather keeping us all inside for several months. While winter is normally the least active season in the landscape, that doesn’t mean it has to be barren. […]