Streetsfilms: Moving Beyond the Automobile

Here’s a short video from Streetfilms : Moving Beyond the Automobile. They say:

“For the first chapter in our Moving Beyond the Automobile series we’ll take a look at Transit-Oriented Development, more commonly known by its “TOD” acronym in transportation industry circles. TOD is a high-density, mixed-use residential area with access to ample amounts of transportation. There are usually many transportation nodes within its core and contains a walkable and bike-able environment.”

With TOD happening all along the Wasatch Front, the time couldn’t be better to continue to plan for development around transit in the communities that will be welcoming TRAX and FrontRunner in the next 5 years. With rising energy costs, increasingly toxic air, exponentially growing populations, and rapidly disappearing arable land along the Wasatch Front, TOD will become more and more a part of the solution to preserving livability for our region. A favorite part of the video: “Its the communities that have access to fixed rail that will be the richest in the coming century.” Government investment now is paving the way to a more efficient, and productive future.

This comes on the same day as the announcement that the Obama administration is proposing additional funding to push forward the construction of the Draper TRAX extension in the southern part of Salt Lake County.