Salt Lake County Economic Development Best Practices; Salt Lake City, UT

VODA worked with LYRB and Salt Lake County planning and economic development staff to create  a new “Best Practice” document to guide future economic development in the region. This document was added to the Best Practices document developed in 2008 by VODA, CRSA, and others for inclusion in Salt Lake County’s Township General Plans. The Economic Development Best Practice focuses on specific funding mechanisms that will best assist local governments in ensuring development is guided and sustainable.   In 2010 the Township General Plans were awarded a “plan development” award by the Utah Chapter of the American Planning Association.

The Best Practices section is composed of concise, topical policy documents covering a variety of planning concepts, such as housing, land use and mobility, sustainability, energy, parks and open space, etc. These individual documents are not specific to the Township, but are merely a collection of “best practices” throughout the planning world, intended to guide decision making related to these topics. Acting as a “planning encyclopedia,” the Best Practices section is open ended, and will be added to in the future as additional issues need to be addressed within the County.  This section is easily used by all stakeholders, particularly the public, who can turn to a specific topic when there is any question as to what the County’s policy is relative to planning in that area. The format for these plans has subsequently been used for the Salt Lake County Cooperative Plan, and will be used for future planning efforts in additional Townships within Salt Lake County.