APA Utah Urban Agriculture Presentation

VODA presented the latest planning issues related to urban agriculture today to the membership of the Utah Chapter of the American Planning Association on Monday, August 8, 2011 along with staff planners from CRSA, Kelly Gillman and Susie Petheram. Below is additional information from the presentation for those interested in how agriculture must play a key role in our urban areas in the future.

VODA Urban Agriculture Handout

Local food production is a key consideration for communities seeking to develop a more sustainable future. Locally grown food reduces the amount of food that must be shipped to your community, thereby decoupling the cost of food from volatile fuel prices. It also encourages less ecologically destructive farming practices, promotes more healthy diets, and can develop economic systems that benefit local communities. Many urban areas in the US are crafting policy that encourages urban agriculture. This session will discuss resources available for those interested in engaging in urban agriculture, and identify policy barriers to local food production.

Salt Lake County Urban Agriculture Initiative:                                http://urbanfarming.slco.org
Salt Lake City:                                                                                               http://www.slcgov.com/slcgreen/food/
AGRICULTURAL URBANISM,                                                                    http://agriculturalurbanism.com

Andres Duany & DPZ’s Agricultural Urbanism:                                                               www.lindroth.cc/pdf/QuickReadAgf.pdf