In Progress: Avenues Residence

Its always exciting to see progress made in Designing Great Places. I dropped by a residential landscape project that VODA recently completed design on, where construction is progressing.  While the Avenues neighborhood of Salt Lake is known for its great architecture, its also known for tiny home lots.  We had to maximize every square inch[…]

City Comforts: Build to the Sidewalk

David Sucher’s definitive book on urban design, City Comforts, documents the fine details of “creating an urban village.”  Each mini-chapter documents a single concept of urban design that makes urban life possible, and even enjoyable.  No one experiences the city on the scale that many planners think: large blocks of “zones” intended to prevent “incompatible[…]

Great Place Wednesday: Preseren Square; Ljubljana, Slovenija

Preseren Square (Presernev Trg) lies at the physical and psychological heart of Ljubljana, and the nation of Slovenia.   Several auto and pedestrian routes converge on this relatively small space, and as a result it is the place where people meet up, hang out, and spend time enjoying the idyllic setting of the city.  Having spent[…]

Great Place Wednesday: Salt Lake City Library

Here at VODA, we aspire to help our clients design great places.  Whether its a private residence or a community general plan, we use our design experience and policy understanding to craft great places of many different sizes.  We’ve seen great places all over the world, and are starting a weekly “Great Place Wednesday” to[…]

A Day at Ninth & Ninth Street Festival

VODA spent a beautiful, sunny Saturday at a booth at the annual Ninth & Ninth Street Festival in Salt Lake City last weekend. Less than five minutes from downtown Salt Lake City, the “Ninth and Ninth” neighborhood is known for being a hub of local businesses, restaurants, and is one of the most “walkable” neighborhoods[…]

U Street Residence; Salt Lake City, UT

With a small and poorly organized backyard in Salt Lake City’s Avenue’s neighborhood, the client needed to rethink how the space was to be used. VODA worked closely with the client to design spaces that would be of the most use to them, including two outdoor patio spaces, large seating steps connecting the upper and[…]