A Day at Ninth & Ninth Street Festival

VODA spent a beautiful, sunny Saturday at a booth at the annual Ninth & Ninth Street Festival in Salt Lake City last weekend. Less than five minutes from downtown Salt Lake City, the “Ninth and Ninth” neighborhood is known for being a hub of local businesses, restaurants, and is one of the most “walkable” neighborhoods in the city.  Their annual street festival draws in people from all over the Salt Lake region, and is a great gathering for people looking to strengthen connections to the local community.

VODA created an “Ask a Landscape Architect” booth, giving us an opportunity to talk directly to people about their home landscape, and how they wish to improve the functionality of their space. We had a great time meeting a lot of people, and discussing everything from specific plant species, shade structures, construction management, hardscape materials, to various landscape design styles. We’re already looking forward to next year!