Great Place Wednesday: Preseren Square; Ljubljana, Slovenija

Preseren Square (Presernev Trg) lies at the physical and psychological heart of Ljubljana, and the nation of Slovenia.   Several auto and pedestrian routes converge on this relatively small space, and as a result it is the place where people meet up, hang out, and spend time enjoying the idyllic setting of the city.  Having spent time studying landscape architecture in Ljubljana, both Melanie and I have a special regard for this great square.

The square is dominated by the large pink facade of the Franciscan Church.

Offset from the center of the square is a heroic sized state of France Preseren, the national poet of Slovenia, who has had a major influence on Slovene literature and culture, and for whom the square is named.

Cultural events happen almost daily in Preseren Square, and is often a gathering place for the large student population of Ljubljana.

The Ljubljanica River runs through the square, and is lined by tall willow trees, giving the urban channel of the river a much softer feel.