Great Place Wednesday: Salt Lake City Library

Here at VODA, we aspire to help our clients design great places.  Whether its a private residence or a community general plan, we use our design experience and policy understanding to craft great places of many different sizes.  We’ve seen great places all over the world, and are starting a weekly “Great Place Wednesday” to showcase great places, and discuss design elements that make truly Great Places.

Starting off with something close to home, one of Salt Lake City’s Great Places is the Salt Lake City Public Library. Designed by architect Moshe Safdie, the building was completed in 2003 directly adjacent to the old public library (now the Leonardo Museum).

Library Square, while containing two major institutions in the Main Branch of the Salt Lake City Library and the Leonardo, is mostly composed of public park space.  It has become home to many festivals and local events.

Library Square circa 1964, with the old Public Library on the right, now the home of the new Leonardo Museum.

A portion of the library’s roof is a roof garden, with many local trees and grasses, and incredible views of Downtown Salt Lake City and the Wasatch Mountains to the East.

The “Urban Room” of the Salt Lake City Library is a five story atrium at the entrance of the library, with shops, cafe, and meeting spaces.