10 11 12 Lecture Series

Something’s afoot at the College of Architecture + Planning and the University of Utah.  For the last six years, the Department of City and Metropolitan Planning has been quietly assembling an incredible team of nationally renowned professors, who constantly travel the country to speak to audiences about the emerging areas of planning and how America’s communities are undergoing major changes. Now’s your chance to hear from the best minds in urban planning, right here in Salt Lake City, at the city’s new Leonardo Museum.

VODA is thrilled to be a sponsor for the 10.11.12 Lecture Series, offering up a schedule of monthly discussions on cities and urbanism, starting next week, and continuing through October 2012.  All lectures begin at 5:00 pm at the Leonardo (200 East 500 South, SLC) and are free and open to the public.

From the University:

“Kicking off the series on November 3 with a presentation on “What Americans Really Want” will be Arthur C. Nelson, Presidential Professor and Executive Director of the Metropolitan Research Center. Nelson projects that growth along the Wasatch Front in Utah could jump from 2.5 million today to 7 million people by 2050 and believes our communities need to be prepared to meet the challenges brought about by this growth.

The series continues this fall with a lecture on November 17 by Pamela Perlich, Senior Research Economist at the University of Utah’s Bureau of Economic and Business Research, who will speak on “Coming to Our Census: Utah’s Demographic Transformation.” Utah is in the midst of an unprecedented economic, demographic, and cultural transformation that has its origins in national and international trends. Perlich’s expertise will provide an in-depth perspective on this phenomenon and its impact on Utah’s communities.

On December 1, Reid Ewing — Professor of City and Metropolitan Planning, Director of the Metropolitan Research Center, and an acclaimed transportation expert — will present “The High Costs of Urban Sprawl.” This lecture will review evidence on the high costs of sprawl and the benefits of compact development, a vitally important topic as the population of Salt Lake City continues to grow.

Additional lectures to follow in 2012:

> Brenda Case Scheer, Dean, “The Evolution of Urban Form,” 1.19.12
> Stephen Goldsmith, Associate Professor and Lecturer, “Cities as Museums of Change,” 2.2.12
> Keith Bartholomew, Associate Professor, “Bounding Uncertainty: Scenario Analysis and Peak Oil,” 3.8.12
> Nan Ellin, Chair and Professor, “Good Urbanism,” 4.19.12
> Michael Larice, Associate Professor, “A Rebirth in City-Making,” 9.6.12
> Li Yin, Assistant Professor, “3D GIS Modeling the Urban Environment,” 9.20.12
> Phil Emmi, Professor, “Knowing and Valuing in the Urban Realm,” 10.4.12

The series is generously supported by APA Utah, EPG, FFKR Architects, Salt Lake City Corporation, the Utah Center for Architecture, and  VODA Landscape + Planning.”