Great Place Wednesday: Champ de Mars; Paris, FR

The Champ de Mars is one of Paris’s largest open spaces, and gives a perfect example of French garden style.  Originally part of the military’s marching and drilling grounds, the park space has hosted the Worlds Fair four times, in 1867, 1878, 1889, and 1900.  It was in 1889 that the park’s most famous feature was constructed: the Eiffel Tower.

French gardens are all about precision and linear organization.  Here you can see the preciseness of the lawns of the Champs de Mars, viewed from the Eiffel Tower.  The trees lining the central axis have been pruned into tight boxes, defining the space even more precisely.

Most visitors to Paris at some time end up at the Champ de Mars, where the views of the Eiffel Tower are the most unobstructed.



Green space in Paris is at a premium, hence a visit to the Champ de Mars on summer evenings will find a great many residents of the city relaxing and eating.