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Great Place Wednesday: The Sacred Way; Beijing, China – VODA Landscape + Planning

Great Place Wednesday: The Sacred Way; Beijing, China

Located  few miles outside of urban Beijing are the Ming Dynasty tombs.  Leading to the tombs is The Sacred Way, a form of the “spirit way,” a style of design as common in royal Chinese tombs as pyramids were to the Egyptian pharaohs.   The Sacred Way begins with the Red Gate, a large entry building guarding the entrance to the tomb complex.

The Sacred Way is lined with willows, and carefully pruned boxwoods, rigidly defining the path, and giving it a very formal, processional feel.

Also lining the Sacred Way are large stone animals and statues of government officials holding tablets extolling the virtues of the deceased royals.

While simple in design, the Sacred Way definitely communicates to the visitor that this is an important place, where powerful people are buried.