Great Place Wednesday: The Highline; New York City, NY

I’ve had several conversations in the last few weeks about the Highline Park in New York City. This is truly one-of-a-kind park was built on an abandonded, raised rail line running into lower Manhattan from the 1930′s. Abandoned in the 1960′s, the Highline lay dormant for more than 40 years, until the community organized “Friends of the Highline” to convert the raised rail corridor into a long, linear, neighborhood park. The first phase of the Highline opened in 2008, and has been wildly successful in improving the neighborhoods that it runs through.

The Highline bring much needed parks space into a dense, residential area of New York City. Truly a “park in the sky,” this great place rethinks the use of what was once a symptom of urban blight, and makes it a true community asset, and a Great Place:

Watch a brief video of one of the founders of “Friends of the Highline” from TED here:

And Google has just completed image capture of the Highline for the Street View project. Take your own tour of the Highline here:

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