Where will your food come from in 2012?

Do you know where your breakfast this morning came from?  Do you know where the dinner you’ll eat tonight will come from? Did you know that your food travels on average 1200 miles in order to get to your plate? The US Federal Farm Bill is coming up for renewal in 2012, and its policy’s will determine for the next five years what kinds of foods Americans eat, and how the agricultural lands of our country are managed.

Last week the Mayor’s Food Policy Task Force hosted a panel discussion on how the Farm Bill will impact Salt Lake City, and Utah in general.  Issues of obesity, food access and security, and land preservation were all discussed.  Two of VODA’s current projects were discussed during the forum, including Mayor Beckers discussion of the Sugar House Community Garden,and JT Martin’s discussion of Frog Bench Farms, an urban farm project on Salt Lake City’s east bench.  Additionally, the Food Policy Task Force is  working with us to create the Salt Lake City Community Food Assessment.

The panel included:

  • Utahns Against Hunger Executive Director Gina Cornia
  • Utah State University Professor of Sociology Dr. Douglas Jackson-Smith
  • Public Health Nutritionist Patrice Isabella of the Utah Department of Health
  • Salt Lake City Councilman J.T. Martin

The forum was broadcast on KCPW radio. Follow the link below to listen to the forum in its entirety.

You can read more about the forum at the KCPW webpage here.

Click here to listen to podcast of the Farm Bill Forum.