The Single Best Medicine for Improving Your Health:

Sedentary lifestyles are killing Americans. Many of us sit at a computer all day, drive a car to work, and spend our evenings sitting in front of a TV or computer. This lack of activity is built into the very framework of our cities, when we should be designing our communities around activity and physical exercise. Recent studies have shown the neighborhood quality can directly correlate to obesity and diabetes rates.

Here’s a quick video on the best medicine for reducing these epidemics: 30 minutes of walking daily.

Choosing where to live is a complex decision. We evaluate the cost of the home vs. transportation costs, the quality of local schools, the proximity to parks and trails, the crime rate, the “perception” of the neighborhood, etc. Almost no one considers how that neighborhood will affect their health. The “walkability” of a neighborhood has very real, and lasting effects on every one of us. Does your neighborhood encourage (or even allow) you to walk and bike to your destinations like work or school? Can you walk to the store? Can you bike safely to the park? What’s the “Walk Score” for your neighborhood?