Great Place Wednesday: Marin County Civic Center; Marin County, CA

The Marin County Civic Center is arguably one of the most fascinating architectural gems in the USA. Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in the late 1950’s, the building is one of ten of Wright’s works that have been nominated for inclusion on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.  The structure straddles three hills, and its long, linear form truly seems other-worldly.

Model of the Civic Center.

Central spire above the Civic Center’s gardens.

Completed after Wright’s death in 1959, the Civic Center’s construction was highly controversial at the time. Given the highly staid architecture of the 1950’s, the Civic Center is emblematic of the more daring architecture of the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Roof Detail.

Interior atrium.

Outdoor gardens near the “hinge” of the building.

Wright-designed garden sprite.