In Progress: Urban Infill Residential on Wilmington Ave; Salt Lake City, UT

Here at VODA, we’re big believers in the value of urban infill. For many reasons property in established neighborhoods can become available, or a community may decide that there are better uses for things such as parking lots, industrial areas, or underdeveloped land.  We’ve been working for CityBlock lately to assist with the development of a modern home in the midst of Sugar House bungalows here in Salt Lake City.  The old house was destroyed in a fire a few years ago, and CityBlock has been working to fill in the gaping hole that left on this street.  Just a block from the new Sugar House Streetcar corridor, this project is just the beginning of the many new development projects that will happen in the corridor’s neighborhoods in the years to come. The house is developing quickly, and will be done in a matter of weeks.  The landscape is beginning to take shape, and we look forward to seeing the final product!