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Great Place Wednesday: Granville Island, Vancouver, Canada – VODA Landscape + Planning

Great Place Wednesday: Granville Island, Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver, Canada has a reputation for being the most “livable” city in North America. With great housing options, enough density to make a vibrant city, and quick access to public open space, the city puts even the greatest American cities to shame.  Granville Island is a small island in Vancouver, boasting a daily, bustling farmers market, among other things. Mixing uses, people, and building types, Granville Island is a world unto itself, and is just a great place to hang out.

With lots of open spaces, and lots of food and people, Granville Island is where people want to be on a beautiful day in Vancouver.

The island has stunning views of the dense residential center of Vancouver across the water.

Food distributors, sellers, and restaurants inhabit the island, and with some “bleacher seating” and sunshine, the city itself becomes the show.

Houseboats are moored in one marina on the island, with some of the most expensive floating real estate you’ll find anywhere.