Jackson Elementary Community Garden; Salt Lake City, UT

Here at VODA we’re passionate about the power of community gardens. A community garden is not only a place to grow healthy, nutritious food, but also a place where people learn about the earth’s systems and cycles, where a deeper understanding of our connection to the earth can be instilled, and also a place where community members can meet and talk and develop stronger community connections.   We’ve been working with a great group of parents, teachers, and volunteers at Jackson Elementary in the Fairpark neighborhood of Salt Lake City to develop a new school garden that will also be used by the community at large.

The garden is a small space, carved out of the corner of the playfield adjacent to the school, but this small space will pack a punch–space for education for all grades at the school, space for composting and garden activities, raised beds for community members to use, and gathering space for people to relax and enjoy the small urban oasis.