Great Places Wednesday: The National Mall, Washington D.C.

The National Mall is an open-area national park in downtown Washington, D.C.  The term National Mall commonly includes areas that are officially part of West Potomac Park and Constitution Gardens to the west, and often is taken to refer to the entire area between the Lincoln Memorial and the United States Capitol, with the Washington Monument providing a division slightly west of the center.

The Mall has been home to some of our nation’s most significant public gatherings and protests.  Presidential inaugurations and public festivals are held on the Mall, and many mass demonstrations have been held over the years to express support or opposition for various public policy issues.

Many monuments and museums have been added along and within the Mall since its conception, including monuments to Vietnam War Veterans, Korean War Veterans, World War II Veterans, and other important individuals.

After the 2001 terrorist attacks in Washington and New York, significant changes were made to the grounds surrounding the Capitol, the White House, and the Washington Monument to prevent any future attacks on these significant buildings.