Sugarmont Plaza!

10028_10151493622102794_809782318_nSite mapSugarmont Plaza  is a temporary plaza to be located at the former Deseret Industries site located at 2232 South Highland Drive,  Salt Lake City. The site has been vacant for approximately one year, and is currently owned by Salt Lake City.  The proposed project is to create a vibrant, casual public gathering space using the vacant parking lot adjacent to the DI building.   With donated labor and some donated materials, the project will bring several key community groups together to create and use the parking area as an important public plaza, centrally located in the Sugar House business district. The sponsoring organization for this project is Friends of the Streetcar, with design and organizational support by VODA. This project is partially funded by the Salt Lake City Redevelopment Agency.Shade

At its core, this project intends to reclaim space in the Sugar House business district for a more active, and community building use.  The parking area itself will be painted over with a bright and attention getting pattern, bringing art and interest into the business district.  Inexpensive tables, chairs, and umbrellas will be purchased to provide seating for users of the space during the summer months. A variety of events and uses could happen in this space.  Food truck rallies, music events, free movie screenings, and casual gathering could all happen in this space, if given the basic infrastructure of a public plaza.


A large mural painted on the side of the DI building would bring added art and attention to this block as a public space. Its key location along Highland Drive and the Parley’s trail corridor will ensure that passersby will see, and return to the space for any events.

This project is considered what is called “tactical urbanism” which promotes short-term solutions looking for long-term change.  More information on tactical urbanism can be found here:

A build day was held on June 8, 2013 to paint the parking area and prepare for a Kick Off Party on June 14, 2013.  Many community volunteers participated in the painting of the parking lot, with a quick, cheap transformation of space in the heart of the business district.




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