Great Place Wednesday: National Library, Ljubljana

The National and University Library  established in 1774, is one of the most important national educational and cultural institutions of Slovenia. It is located in the centre of Ljubljana, between Turjak Street, Gentry Street, and Vega Street, in a building designed by the architect Jože Plečnik in the years 1930–31 and constructed between 1936–41. The building is considered one of the greatest achievements by Plečnik. According to the Mandatory Publications Copy Act, issuers are bound to submit a copy of each publication they publish to the National and University Library. In 2011, the library kept about 1,307,000 books, 8,700 manuscripts, and numerous other text, visual and multimedia resources, and was (in 2010) subscribed to 7900 periodicals. Books and other resources are kept at storehouses at Turjak Street and at Leskošek Street. There have been significant problems with a lack of space and a new modern building has been planned to be built in the vicinity.