Great Place Wednesday: Fells Point, Baltimore

Fell’s Point is a neighborhood in Baltimore, Maryland, and home to a variety of shops, restaurants, coffee bars, music stores, and over 120 pubs. Located on the harbor and famous for its maritime past, it now boasts the greatest concentration of pubs/bars in the city. The pubs and bars in Fell’s Point provide excellent entertainment and nightlife. This waterfront community is a much-visited location in Baltimore, accessible by water taxi, freeway, and several bus lines. The neighborhood has also been the home of large Polish and Irish populations throughout its history. In recent years a steadily increasing numbers of middle to upper middle income residents have moved into the area, driving up property values. Upper Fell’s Point has a sizable Hispanic population made up primarily of recent waves of Mexican and Central American immigrants and is sometimes called “Spanish Town”. Fell’s Point is one of several areas in and around Baltimore that are listed on the National Register of Historic Districts, and the first from Maryland.