“Landscape architecture is basically the planning and design of space under the sky.”

James Corner: Urban Dreamscaper TIME Magazine interviews landscape architect James Corner on the power of public space and quality urban design.  He defines our profession: “Landscape architecture is basically the planning and design of space under the sky.”

The Single Best Medicine for Improving Your Health:

Sedentary lifestyles are killing Americans. Many of us sit at a computer all day, drive a car to work, and spend our evenings sitting in front of a TV or computer. This lack of activity is built into the very framework of our cities, when we should be designing our communities around activity and physical[…]

Sustainability means a Local, Living Economy

Everyone seems to be talking about “sustainability” and how communities can become more sustainable. Sustainability is NOT just about solar panels and recycling, its also about social and economic sustainability.  The video below showcases Bellingham, Washington as one of the country’s most sustainable communities, thanks to its “local, living economy.”  With a majority of the[…]

Salt Lake City Community Food Assessment

VODA is excited to announce that we’ve been selected to develop a community food assessment for Salt Lake City. We are teaming with Robin Carbaugh, of Carbaugh Associates, and Scott Murray, of Murray Farms to analyze the food systems of Salt Lake City, including all producers, processors, distributors, and consumers of food within a 200[…]

Cities + Parks =Economic Development

Cities are made livable by their parks and open spaces. Known as one of the densest cities in the world, New York City is famed for its grand Central Park, which is skirted by some of the most expensive real estate on the planet.  A lesser known park project in NYC, the Highline has had[…]

Improved home energy efficiency with landscape design

Here’s a quick video from ASLA outlining a few basic design concepts landscape architects use to help home-owners improve the energy efficiency and livability of their homes. We talk a lot about improvements inside the home that will improve energy efficiency, such as properly insulated windows and energy efficient water heaters and furnaces, but the[…]

Future Cities: Helsinki’s Underground Master Plan

Helsinki, Finland has developed the world’s first Underground Master Plan, locating facilities that don’t need to be “seen” in an extensive network of subterranean tunnels. The short video below shows some of the facilities that they’ve found can be efficiently located deep below the city, including coal storage silos, utilities, and even a data center. […]

Bicycles v. cars

Here’s a short video (via Copenhagenize.com) from Slovenia’s Ljubljana Cyclist’s Network promoting cycling for their city.  The video is all in Slovene, but you’ll understand what Yanez is getting at quite easily–how bikes and cars provide entirely different urban experiences.  Reminds me of great times I had in Ljubljana while on a borrowed bike.

Swaner Eco Center; Park City, UT

Working on a team with CRSA, VODA staff designed the low water-use landscape for this cutting edge project. This LEED Platinum certified facility is located on previously developed land adjacent to a restored wetland complex and nature preserve. All plantings used on the site are native and require little to no water. Rainwater is collected[…]