Sugarmont Plaza!

Sugarmont Plaza  is a temporary plaza to be located at the former Deseret Industries site located at 2232 South Highland Drive,  Salt Lake City. The site has been vacant for approximately one year, and is currently owned by Salt Lake City.  The proposed project is to create a vibrant, casual public gathering space using the[…]

Salt Lake County Economic Development Best Practices; Salt Lake City, UT

VODA worked with LYRB and Salt Lake County planning and economic development staff to create  a new “Best Practice” document to guide future economic development in the region. This document was added to the Best Practices document developed in 2008 by VODA, CRSA, and others for inclusion in Salt Lake County’s Township General Plans. The Economic Development Best Practice focuses on specific funding mechanisms that will best assist local governments in ensuring development is guided and sustainable.   In 2010 the Township General Plans were awarded a “plan development” award by the Utah Chapter of the American Planning Association.


Red Butte Creek Oil Spill Public Input Facilitation; Salt Lake City, UT

In June 2010, a Chevron pipeline running through the foothills above Salt Lake City began leaking raw crude oil into Red Butte Creek. The spill lasted only a few hours, but dumped an estimated 30,000 gallons of oil into a creek running through residential areas, public parks, and natural areas.  VODA was hired by Carbaugh & Associates and the city of Salt Lake to assist in facilitating public meetings that would determine what actions the city could take to prevent future spills, and how to deal with similar accidents in the future.


Utah APA Awards 2010

The Utah Chapter of the American Planning Association has awarded the Salt Lake County Townships General Plan Update a “plan development” award for 2009. VODA worked on this project with CRSA, and was instrumental in the production of the document from conceptual planning to “best practice” creation. This document was adopted by the Salt Lake[…]

Cache Logan Airport Master Plan; Logan, UT

VODA worked on a team led by CRSA to craft a master land use plan for the Cache Logan Airport area.  Involving all adjacent communities, the master land use plan was created to ensure that future development along the two major corridors adjacent to the airport was compatible with the continued operations of the airport. GIS and other mapping software was used to analyze environmental and developmental constraints to development in the study area.


Farmington TOD Guidelines; Farmington, UT

While on a team at CRSA Mark Morris from VODA assisted in the development of a regulating plan for the Farmington Station area of the FrontRunner commuter rail system. The city of Farmington had been dissatisfied with previous ordinances for the area, and wanted to craft a regulating plan that would be effective in creating the transit-oriented development patterns that would be most appropriate for this area.


Nibley Utah Commercial & Institutional Design Standards; Nibley, UT

In 2009 VODA worked on a team at CRSA to assist Nibley City in creating new Commercial and Institutional Design Standards. These standards were developed with the input of both the Planning Commission and City Council, and adopted successfully in 2009.  Several meetings were held directly with the City Council, and weekly progress reports were[…]

Salt Lake County Township General Plans; Magna, Millcreek, & Kearns, UT

Working on a team at CRSA, VODA worked with the public, elected and appointed officials, and Salt Lake County planning staff to create  new general plans for Millcreek, Kearns, and Magna Townships.  An innovative new format was selected early in the planning process to make the document more understandable to the general public, as well as more useful for officials and staff responsible for implementing the plan within the Townships. In 2010 these three Township General Plans were awarded a “plan development” award by the Utah Chapter of the American Planning Association.


Nibley Utah General Plan; Nibley, UT

Working on a team at CRSA, VODA has worked with Nibley City staff and elected officials on two projects. In 2008 we were involved in the General Plan Update process for Nibley City.  We facilitated several public meetings, hearings, and input sessions. The team collected information from the Nibley City Planning Commission, City Council, and the general public.