Sugarmont Plaza!

Sugarmont Plaza  is a temporary plaza to be located at the former Deseret Industries site located at 2232 South Highland Drive,  Salt Lake City. The site has been vacant for approximately one year, and is currently owned by Salt Lake City.  The proposed project is to create a vibrant, casual public gathering space using the[…]

Great Place Wednesday: Sugar House Streetcar Greenway, Salt Lake City, UT

VODA’s been involved with an exciting new project, one of Salt Lake City’s future Great Places, the Sugar House Streetcar Greenway.  Many groups, municipalities, and organizations have been working for years to see this project come about, and everyone’s excited to see the project finally under construction.  We’ve been working with the great design team[…]

Artspace Community Garden; Salt Lake City, UT

VODA worked with the Artspace organization and Wasatch Community Gardens to help craft a new community garden in downtown Salt Lake City. VODA applauds any effort to improve the neighborhood, and to build a stronger sense of community in our city.  As landscape architects, we support programs that will educate the wider population of the[…]

Sugar House Community Garden; Salt Lake City, UT

VODA’s been working recently with a grassroots group of citizens determined to turn a community eyesore into a community asset.  With a highly visible corner of Sugar House occupied by long-unused tennis courts, this group is planning to create the Sugar House Community Garden on the space once occupied by the Fairmont Park Tennis Courts.


Red Butte Creek Oil Spill Public Input Facilitation; Salt Lake City, UT

In June 2010, a Chevron pipeline running through the foothills above Salt Lake City began leaking raw crude oil into Red Butte Creek. The spill lasted only a few hours, but dumped an estimated 30,000 gallons of oil into a creek running through residential areas, public parks, and natural areas.  VODA was hired by Carbaugh & Associates and the city of Salt Lake to assist in facilitating public meetings that would determine what actions the city could take to prevent future spills, and how to deal with similar accidents in the future.


East Capitol Boulevard Renovation, Salt Lake City, UT

Working on a team with Fehr and Peers, Design Workshop designed improvements along Salt Lake City’s East Capitol Boulevard. East Capitol Boulevard currently has no marked parking and no crosswalks for pedestrian safety – yet it is the main location of parking for visitors to the capitol, especially during the legislative session. Salt Lake City[…]

Nibley Utah General Plan; Nibley, UT

Working on a team at CRSA, VODA has worked with Nibley City staff and elected officials on two projects. In 2008 we were involved in the General Plan Update process for Nibley City.  We facilitated several public meetings, hearings, and input sessions. The team collected information from the Nibley City Planning Commission, City Council, and the general public.


Rexburg, Idaho Comprehensive Plan; Rexburg, ID

Working on a team at CRSA, Mark Morris of VODA worked with officials in Rexburg, Idaho to update their Comprehensive Plan document.  The team held regular update meetings with local stakeholders, including the city council and planning commission, in order to thoroughly understand the major issues that the city is facing.  The new document will aid local leaders in guiding growth and development in appropriate areas and in appropriate forms.


Swaner Eco Center; Park City, UT

Working on a team with CRSA, VODA staff designed the low water-use landscape for this cutting edge project. This LEED Platinum certified facility is located on previously developed land adjacent to a restored wetland complex and nature preserve. All plantings used on the site are native and require little to no water. Rainwater is collected[…]

University of Utah Heritage Preserve Management Plan; Salt Lake City, UT

Working on a team at CRSA, Mark Morris of VODA created graphics and maps for the University of Utah Heritage Preserve Management Plan. With the Heritage Preserve encompassing many acres of trails and open space in the foothills above the University, the plan was created in order to ensure the longevity of the Preserve, and mitigate areas that had been negatively impacted by human use.


BYU-Idaho Recreational Facilities Master Plan, Rexburg, ID

Working on a team at CRSA, Mark Morris of VODA directed mapping and documentation for a needs assessment for five properties owned and operated by BYU- Idaho in Rexburg, Idaho. The project involved documenting existing conditions for the five properties, and making recommendations for future use and program expansion for the university.