Episode 01: Public Investment in the Arts, DJ Baxter

DJ Baxter is the former Executive Director of the Salt Lake City Redevelopment Agency.¬† Today we’ll talk about the role Salt Lake City plays in investing in the arts.

The Salt Lake City RDA is currently working with property owners, businesses, and other stakeholders to develop plans for a complete transformation of Regent Street on Block 70 in downtown Salt Lake City.  In conjunction with the new Eccles Performing Arts Center currently under construction on Main Street, the Regent Street Placemaking project will bring a new vitality and energy to an under-utilized area of our downtown.

The new Regent Street will serve as a vital connector between the City Creek development to the north and Gallivan Center to the south.  Included in the project are improvements to Orpheum Avenue, connecting Regent Street to State Street, and a new mid-block pedestrian walkway connecting Regent Street directly with Main Street. With the added draw of the new performing arts center, Regent Street is slated to become a home for local business, restaurants, arts, and shopping.

In many ways Regent Street is becoming something new, a living, functioning place built upon the rich layers of its history. In order to do this, the literary arts, design arts, and fine arts will be expressed through urban design strategies, and provide all who pass by an opportunity for connecting to the culture of our city.

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