515 Tower Plaza

515 Tower Plaza

VODA worked with a California-based property management company to improve a plaza space for a highly-visible property in downtown Salt Lake City. With a large, well-known public art installation in the center of the space, the refreshed plaza focuses attention on this iconic piece of art.

Originally installed in 1981, the Frank Riggs’ piece ‘Borealis’ had been obscured over time by additions to the landscape. The new plaza creates useable space not just for building occupants, but to showcase this important art installation and open the plaza to the neighborhood.

The site included a historic canal corridor crossing, requiring careful design and construction management to ensure no disturbance to a sensitive area.

515 Tower 3

Project Info

  • Client: Nearon Properties
  • Project Completion: 2021
  • Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Budget: $500,000
  • Scope of Services: Placemaking, Landscape Architecture