Northwest Quadrant Visioning

Northwest Quadrant Visioning

The Northwest Quadrant of Salt Lake City is a large area in the western reaches of the city. With minimal development and infrastructure, the area has potential for significant change in the new few years.

nw quad 1

With proximity to the Salt Lake International Airport, and easy access to both Interstate 15 and Interstate 80, the Northwest Quadrant has unparalleled transportation access for the region.

NW quad 2

VODA worked with the Salt Lake City Redevelopment Agency to develop visioning graphics around the types of development the city would like to see in the area. Working with local land owners and other agencies, the city hopes to influence a more sustainable development pattern in the Northwest Quadrant.

Project Info

  • Client: Salt Lake City Redevelopment Agency
  • Project Completion: 2018
  • Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Scope of Services: Urban Design, Master Planning, Graphic Development