Salt Lake City Urban Farm

Salt Lake City Urban Farm

Teaming with Hill & Co, VODA worked closely with the client to create an innovative and efficient residence and urban farm project in the heart of Salt Lake City in 2010. Building on the client’s experience with running a successful vineyard in Napa Valley, VODA met on a weekly basis to come up with design solutions that would meet the client’s needs for the residence, as well reduce water needs for the urban farm.


Working to meet LEED standards, the residential project incorporates a rainwater harvesting system and passive stormwater catchment system. Supporters of the “slow food” movement, the clients wanted to dedicate as much of the available land to agricultural production as possible. VODA incorporated edible plants in the planting scheme throughout the property, and helped the client to create a highly efficient and successful urban farm.


Project Info

  • Client: Private Residence
  • Project Completion: 2010
  • Location: Salt Lake City, Utah